Why We Are All In The Business of Scaling Time (And How You Can Scale By Outsource)

You were doing everything in-house for the sake of cutting costs.

Business development, partnerships, graphic design, marketing… you name it.

You thought that instead of spending that money outsourcing the tasks, it made more sense to save them for any future expenses.

Yet you can’t help but feel fatigued at times.

You did everything on your own, yet your business is not growing.

If you are trying to cut cost by doing everything in-house and yet still struggle to grow your business, then you need to read this as it can help you.

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are able to come up with interesting marketing campaigns and yet you struggle with executing a simple one?

You spent thousands on advertising, publishing articles on local SME newspaper and yet it doesn’t generate the result that you expected.

You tried advertising online for more exposure, but it didn’t turn up as well as you think, and yet your competitors are thriving…

The worst part is, you don’t even know how your competitors did it.


To be honest, you are facing the same problem as other 90% small-medium businesses.

Majority of businesses and marketing managers think that by cutting cost and doing in-house, the performance of the company will grow.

Instead of outsourcing, you opted to send your staffs to a 3 days training workshops, hoping that they can learn and in return, your business can grow.

The logic is as long as you keep sending them to workshops for upskilling, your business will grow…

The bad news is the amount of money you invested in training for your staffs doesn’t necessarily translate to your business growth.

Do you seriously think that 3 days of digital marketing training can grow your business for the next 3-6 months?

Now let me clarify this.

I am not against training to upskill your workers, instead, I highly recommend it.

It’s just that we are living in an age where things move so fast where cutting cost to skimp on marketing doesn’t work.

What you need is an efficient and effective marketing strategy that can build your core brand positioning in the shortest amount of time possible.


We are in a business of scaling time, in other words, it means free-ing you to do something that gives more ROI to your business.

In other words, it’s about focusing on what you do best.

For example, as a marketing manager, you would spend more time on crafting marketing strategies compared to copy checking your marketing collaterals.

Or as a trading company owner, what mostly crosses your mind is sales, pricing & strategic partnerships, instead of refilling A4 papers for your printers.

You get the gist of it.

Things like social media marketing, performance marketing, content marketing, lead generation require a specific skill set. It is the exact same reason why a business hires different talents to for expansion, you acquire for skillset and you grow from there. The same applies to outsource.

For instance, I helped a company to generate leads online 50% cheaper compared to when they are doing it on their own. I’ve also conducted several trainings to upskill their digital know-how. One of the topics that was heavily discussed was how to consistently create engaging social media content

The thing about digital marketing is – if you are unfamiliar with the existing company’s flow and processes, it will be difficult to execute.

You may not know if you needed more technical expertise to implement a certain code or create a specific landing page to drive campaign.

The workshops that you sent your staffs to attend don’t cover the details that are tailored to your business.

Creating an ad is easy, but crafting a meticulous effective yet charming marketing campaign is difficult.

That is why outsourcing these tasks make sense – especially when you lack the digital know-how.


Outsource the things that are non-core essential to your business.

For example, if your core business lies in engineering and product research & development, then it makes more sense to outsource marketing related functions like social media marketing, SEM, SEO and etc.

Because of my specialization in marketing and consumer behavior, I am able to create engaging social media posts that have hundreds of shares relevant to my client’s audience.

It doesn’t make sense to outsource your R&D as it is what you do best and provides the most value to your clients.

Whether in personal life or business, we are all constantly outsourcing things to people, whether it’s your staff, agencies or whatever, simply because you can focus on what you do best.

The key point is, if you are struggling to manage the day to day tasks or thinking a lot of stuff in a go, then maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing.


Start by writing down all your requirements like your business objective and KPI.

Some would want to generate leads online, building authority online or even, just to run a specific campaign.

Then look for a digital marketing agency that is highly skilled in the field.

For instance, my company – Validate Digital specialize in lead generation, I also help companies to set up digital marketing department from ground zero.

The key here is to understand what you want to achieve and make sure it gets communicated over.

Are you currently outsourcing specific tasks? Or you are planning to outsource them? What’s your take on this?

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