Why This Blog?

Update (6th of May, 2019)

I started this blog to write down my learnings on marketing (the good, bad and ugly), I went into hiatus from 2017 – 2018 where I focus a lot on my career building, journalling my journey has led me to create my own marketing agency. I’ll still be writing on how SMEs can grow, just that it will come in other forms, so be sure to subscribe to my other channels!

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Hey there, I am Carl Lim. It was a night out with my friends that inspired me to create this blog.

There were 10 of us at the dining table – all marketing graduates. Most of us took loans for our tertiary education, some even took extra loan just to fly over to the UK for further studies. And guess what?

8 out of 10 of us are not in marketing related field.

I was petrified. There was a good mix of people doing different jobs from sales to admin related operation job, I mean, I should be happy as this is what they want, right? While I understand that education is not supposed to tie you to a specific job but doesn’t that mean that you’ve wasted 4 years time to get a piece of paper that is of no use to you?

As we go deeper on the conversation, this is what I realized:

They felt that other jobs are giving higher pay, and marketing by default, is a desktop job that mainly organizes event and print brochures (no fun).

Utter nonsense. Marketing is probably the most dynamic job that I’ve ever had, well, putting project management aside that is. Even now I still love doing marketing and the bigger trend – growth hacking.

I don’t blame them on having such perception, but what surprised me is this:

Most SMEs in Malaysia have single or no marketing executive, and this is especially true in B2B industry. And even if there is one, chances are marketing is being viewed as a supportive role & cost center.

I don’t understand. Marketing has the biggest access to the database to sell to masses, the ability to create a scalable systematic lead funnel, the process of gaining insights to classify buyer personas… All these crucial growth tasks need to be done by one single marketing executive.

While it may be due to differences in job title, job scope, business nature or whatsoever, but I’m pretty damn sure that if you’re like me – the only marketing executive in the company, there’s a hell lot of things to do. The frustration of being overwhelmed by numerous tasks. The dilemma in spending time communication VS executing. I feel you.

Yet after all these issues, I still find marketing to be fun, challenging and inspiring. I’m learning new things every single day.

So this is my attempt on making marketing interesting to you, I’m sharing all my lessons – my marketing experience, all the wins and losses, good and bad, fun or boring, all here.

By the time you finish reading the blog, I sincerely hope that you’ll have a clearer expectation on what marketing really does, and most importantly why marketing is so interesting and fun.


Carl (30/7/2015)

P/S: Still fun for me after all these years, except that growing my own marketing consulting firm might be even more adventurous!

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