Why I Think Marketing is All About People

I genuinely believe that marketing is all about people. I don’t have a perfect answer to this as I am still learning about this and constantly fascinated by the depth of marketing that evolves over time.

The underlying fundamental that I believe is – marketing is always about consumer behavior.

It’s about people.

Technology changes, medium changes, but the way we relate to things didn’t change. And that is what I wanted to discuss here.

As much as I talk about email marketing and converting people through pay-per-click campaigns, but the fact is, it’s not about the email or Google Adwords that makes it convert, it was never about the technology but it is the context or value that you’re bringing to people. That’s what converts people.

The context comes from how we communicate with others, crafting messages as if it’s a pipeline. In short, it’s storytelling.

I know storytelling isn’t easy, not everyone can craft beautiful stories like this Petronas advertisement in Malaysia. But I’m pretty sure that if we truly understand our customer needs, we wouldn’t be too far off either.

The Current Problem in SEM & Social Media marketing

The biggest problem now in the field is the inability to storytelling. I’ll explain why.

We look at conversions, click-through rates, impressions, frequency/recency and all sorts of metrics to the extent that we forgot that we’re communicating with a human being.

The truth is – people don’t buy items because it was retargeted to them x9999 times over a banner ad. People buy because of the emotional attachment to certain items. It’s about the context of experience and value that you’re giving.

I think the understanding of consumer behavior and the context is actually much more important than being proficient in SEM / SEO / social media marketing. It was about how can you leverage on your software proficiency and tap onto consumer behavior.

I believe that creativity comes from understanding people, and this will be the foundation of all campaigns / adverts / micro-moments that you’ll be doing.

I’m raising this because I’m seeing many agencies and individual digital marketers are unable to relate themselves to businesses, it was never about how many clicks that you’re giving to a business, but what kind of business growth are you providing to the business!

I advocate digital marketing because I genuinely believe in data can validate to many assumptions.  All these assumptions will then be used as my ammunition to target people and sell them the emotion.

My Way of Storytelling

I always start from the people – why are they here? What’s their intention? Are they here to buy? Or aspire to buy? What are they looking for?


This provides me an overall understanding that helps me to relate to them better, and I would start thinking about the experience and expectations and from there, finding the right channels to reach out to them.


With my shallow experience in Google Adwords, I’ve never considered myself as an expert in keyword  bidding, I believe that everyone can learn how to market or bid for keywords based on the free tutorials out there (read: 500.coQuick SproutNeil Patel)

I’ve always come from a perspective of how can I relate to the customer, and this is the core of how I run A/B testing to see if it’s the patterns are true.

I’m fascinated by how marketing works. The way we associate with things, the way we label ourselves and see the world.

This is why I love marketing.

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