Why You Need To Optimize Your Digital Marketing Campaign

It’s an optimizing process where you understand the best performing digital channels, and strategize your spending on marketing mix to get the maximum exposure and result.

In a nutshell, optimizing digital campaign is about getting the bang out of your buck.

There is nothing wrong with this process, in fact, it’s a highly sought after skill simply because not everyone can decipher and analyze data.

Why Optimize Campaigns?

Youngsters browsing the Internet.
Youngsters browsing the Internet.

Picture this – a tech savvy Gen-Y watches an advertisement on Facebook, he click into it and know some smartphone is launching soon, he find it to be quite interesting and went onto reading the technical specifications.

Few days later, he suddenly remembered that his father’s birthday is just around the corner, he googled “best birthday gift for father” and he happen to came across the same advertisement again, eventually he bought the smartphone.

Whether your objective is to get sign-ups, sales or leads, optimizing digital marketing campaign is the process of understanding your customers. You can do predictive analysis based on past behavior hence, the more you understand about them, the better you can target, and definitely, getting better result.

How Much Are You Willing to Pay For Each Customer?

I find that most people have a misconception on digital advertising or marketing. If I were to boil it down to one single thing, digital marketing is all about how much are you willing to pay for each customer.

Let’s put it this way, you are selling a 3D printer which costs RM 4000 with a 25% profit margin, which translate to RM 1000 profit before expenses. You decided to spend RM 1000 on Google Adwords, you got 10 enquiries but at the end of the day you only manage to sell one machine.

As a matter of fact, your cost per lead sits at RM 100 and your customer acquisition cost sits at RM 1000. Which means you gained 0 profit from that transaction. So the whole campaign optimization idea revolves around driving CAC down below RM 1000.

It can be optimizing landing pages, optimizing ad keywords with lateral thinking i.e. indirect keywords, smart bidding, and so on so forth.

But Sometimes It Doesn’t Make Sense to Optimize Campaigns At All

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, gives bigger impact when you have a bigger marketing budget because it’s a matter of percentage as it scales regardless of your marketing budget. The more cost efficient you are, the more leads you can generate and ultimately, better revenue.

But the biggest problem here is the buck.

There is a limit on how you can optimize your campaign with a budget of RM500, and sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to spend the extra on-going effort to optimize it.

A capped return on "effort spend"
A capped return on “effort spend”. The return doesn’t scale as well as your effort due to budget limitation.

Digital marketing campaign requires on-going effort to optimize it, and as time passes, it becomes tougher to optimize due to competition. It starts to frustrate you as it’s taking more and more of your time, and you realized that given the same amount of time, you can just do so much more on other channels such as email marketing, event organizing, so on so forth. What I usually do is maintain slightly above industry average and maintain that position and costing.

If you’re interested in perfecting or optimize it even further – my experience tells me that you can actually achieve 10x or 15x results – which seems to be pretty bombastic, but in terms of absolute value, it’s only an increase of 1 lead to 10 leads. Impact to business? Not too sure about that.

There are also concerns on the test result to be statistical significant, which is impacted by the amount of data, which in this case, the outreach. Given the small amount of data that you’re collecting, whatever campaign optimization that you’re doing might be more of a gut-feel, guessing game instead of being really “data driven”.


It’s not a straight forward yes or no question, or rather, we should think in broader perspective – will this give the biggest impact to my business?

Will optimizing online marketing lead to business growth?

Does implementing marketing automation helps in growing my business?

This is true across all company stages – be it startup, SMEs or MNCs. It’s about optimizing resources and use them effectively to solve business problem, one at a time.

So what do you think about optimizing online marketing campaigns?

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