How To Get Shit Done (It’s All About Mindset)

For the past few months, I’ve been doing many crazy projects with killer timelines, so here is something I noticed.

There is just a weird phenomenon where people like to complain about things.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just human nature or Malaysians are typically more skeptical.

I get it, complaining is probably one of the most frequently discussed table topics, you know lah, who doesn’t like to gossip? I’m 100% sure you might have borrowed your ear to topics like:

“Wah life sucks wei, company no treat me well!”

“I have a lot of ideas leh but boss ban kaw me.

I’m not against complaining, because sometimes we just need to rant it out to get rid of the frustration so we can move on.

The problem I had is when people complain about ideas and suggestions, but not taking action.

most people spectate from the sidelines

Many people complained about how things should be done, but when you offer them an opportunity to do it, out of sudden things went awkwardly silent.

They are not taking action here is because of fear.

The fear of failure. People are worried about how people see them.

It’s the exact reason why people don’t drive things, as a result, they appear to be lacking in accountability and insecure.

You will never have a perfect solution, you will only have the most suitable solution at this juncture.

If you’re reading this blog and I want you to understand that you’ve got nothing to lose when you propose new ideas.

Be bold and be brave to try.

I’m not saying it will be easy, but what I’m saying is you gotta be willing to PUT IN THE WORK. As long as you are willing to work, you get a shot on things.

Just like what I mentioned in the video, we had 2 weeks left before the event, nothing was confirmed. All we know is that we need to get shit done. And so we got 20K sponsors in less than a week.

It’s about the mindset.

What is stopping you from doing?

“Sometimes we know what needs to be done, but we just can’t switch to the right mindset to do it.”

Shifting perspective can only happen when you’re not in denial.

Meaning to say you’re not finding excuses to run away from the issue, but you’re confronting it directly.

You have to understand your why.

Why you do what you do? Or in this context, what is stopping you from doing what you wanted to do?

Here are some typical questions that you may sub-consciously asking yourself (and probably arrive at a conclusion before you want to change):

  • Is it ego?
  • Maybe because the idea is not from me?
  • What if it fails?
  • What if it’s a stupid idea?

As these self-doubting and ego-stroking questions internalize within you, you’re not gonna get things done. Because you’ve already placed a solid NO on your own.

The worst place you can be is in your own head.

What I did to avoid these self-demotivating questions is to break it down by components.

The Shift – cannot be done to it will happen

First I ask myself if I would regret not doing this. If the answer is yes, then I would give it a go.

The simplest way to debunk the idea of not happening… is just to write a plan.

I would start breaking down the practical components for the idea to happen, and start asking questions like

  • What is the REAL bottleneck for getting this project from A to Z?
  • Who is needed for this project?
  • What is the ultimate objective?
  • What is the expected timeline?

As I clear these small issues step by step, my confidence level rose and eventually I would feel good – and when I mean feel good, means you really believe that this is the solution to the issue.

The keyword is to trust yourself and have faith. 

That’s how we got sponsors to chip in less than a week despite the chaos and uncertainty.

So be real, don’t be fancy, just write down your issues one by one and answer them like Q&A.

It’s gonna be tough – like real tough

I don’t want to lie to you and say it’s gonna be easy.

In reality, it’s gonna be tough, like fucking tough.

There will be resistance coming from different directions, to make it even worse, it might be rejected even if you put in the work.

This is exactly why you need to know your why.

If it’s important to you (or company’s interest, depending on how you put it), you will push through all odds and make it happen.

Creating a BELONGING environment

“Eh but all these things you said ah macam more applicable in my personal stuff leh, for what I wanna contribute that much in a company?”

Now I know what I have written so far seemed to be more practical in pursuing the personal interest, afterall, you have vested interest in what you pursue, right?

This is exactly why creating an open culture is important.

You want to create an environment where everyone had a sense of belonging.

The very first step to this is providing security. I literally told my team that I will be the air cover for all the suggestions / problems you face. So while they can feel safe to work on their ideas.

Ever wondered why you share more secrets with your bestie? It’s because you trust them.

You will only voice out when you feel like you’re in a pack.

And the very first layer to trust is the sense of security.

This is where you need to be transparent about the issues we faced, create a feedback loop, and drive the focus on actions that will solve the issue.

As a manager, I’ve often told my team that we are the game changer. We will do whatever it takes to get shit done.

You have to walk the talk, eat the dirt and stay grounded. Be practical about the solutions.

Hey, thanks for reading! So here are my 2 cents on mindset in both personal life and team setting, I would be grateful if you could drop a comment down below to share your thoughts on this!

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