3 Ways To Consistently Create Relevant Content (And Never Run Into Writer’s Block)

Are you struggling to create content on a consistent basis?

Or you’ve been trying to create content but you kept running out of ideas on what to curate?

Or you managed to create content consistently but it just doesn’t generate the result you need.

The worst part is – both you and your competitors are doing the same thing – running a FB page, posting stuff daily, and it just seemed to work better for them.

So here are 3 solutions to not only create relevant content and also unblock yourself from content roadblocks

P/S: I recorded a tutorial video that explains how to create engaging content, it is a 30 minutes long tutorial video where I go really deep into the process that I used on a daily basis.

Now before we go into the solution, I want you to understand that this is a common scenario faced by social media marketers or any digital marketers especially when you are doing content marketing, the reason why you are running into these roadblocks are either:

1. You don’t have a strong understanding on your target audience (no buyer’s persona)
2. You don’t have a strategic roadmap to utilize content to influence your audience
3. You are creating content… for the sake of creating
4. You don’t want to be “left out” by the competition

Now before I go into the 3 ways that you can use to solve them, I need you to understand this super important concept:

Which is to only create something that people demand for.

Especially when you are doing content marketing.

Many people stuck in creating content that they want people to know instead of the other way round.

The idea is to find out what people are ALREADY discussing (note: keyword is “already” discussing), then we create content to supply to the market.

So here are the 3 ways to reverse engineer to find out what people are already actively discussing and how you can use that to create relevant content.

1. Look at the stats of your posts

If you’re already posting a ton of content, then the first thing you need to do is to check out your own stats.

Go to your Facebook Insights and look at the top 5 engagement posts.

Which one has higher engagement, what are they commenting? Read through all those comments and find out their concerns.

Pro-tip: Make sure to click on the shares thread, you will be able to see people that have already shared as well as their friends that are commenting on it. This is super useful when it comes to gathering insights.

See what people are discussing then you create content based on that. It’s really simple.

For example, in one of my recent case study, I identified that people within the gaming community are actively discussing and debating between AMD & Intel, and I just created content based on that.


Do take note that the page only has 18 page likes when I did the post. Regardless of the page count, it still garnered enough attention and social shares. You can watch the content marketing tutorial if you want to know in-depth on what I did to achieve this.

BONUS: Always spend the first 30 minutes of your day on news media site.

One of the ways to stay on the trend is to read the news on a daily basis, I do this by establishing a habit of reading media online (first 30 minutes) before I start my work. Check out media sites like lowyat.net, soyacincau.com & amanz.my. These 3 sites represent the largest electronics and gadgets site in Malaysia.

2. Check out FB Groups & Communities

What I like to do is to participate in Facebook Group discussions. There are thousands of discussions happening daily within Facebook (and also not forgetting the infamous lowyat forum).

To do this, make sure you join the Facebook groups that are tied to your industry or niche.

For example, if you are selling computer related SKUs, then join the computer groups and see what they are discussing. Try searching terms like “PC”, “Computer”, or even game titles “APEX Legends”.

The key part here is to be creative with your search term on Facebook so that you know what communities are actively discussing.

Another example is to join groups by demographic profiles.

If you’re selling to parents, then consider joining several parenting groups or any educational groups that ties to that demographic, with that you gain a better understanding of how to appear relevant to them.

At the end of the day, you want to appear relevant to your target audience by pushing out content that they are actively discussing and position yourself as an expert (or someone that understands them) so that they will come to you.

3. Read Product Descriptions, Q&A & Reviews on marketplaces

This is by far my favorite and I do this all the time

With the immense growth of e-commerce, everyone is literally shopping online.

When they shop online which means that they have questions, and most of the time, these are ready purchase question.

In other words, it’s the LAST concern that they have before buying. If you can have a list of FAQs and answered them beforehand by pushing out in forms of byte-sized content, what would your audience think of you?

It’s like reading people’s mind and answering them before they even asked.

So to do this, just go on to any platform like Lazada, Shopee or Lelong.my and move to any products. Now what I like to do here is to click on the highest sales or reviews product related to my industry, then I would read the Q&A to better understand what people are asking for.

Both reviews and Q&As are super insightful in helping me to better understand my audience which helped me to craft better content.

Now It’s Your Turn

These are the 3 ways that I use all the time to get valid feedbacks and concerns from the audience that I market too, I use these all the time to curate content and craft marketing campaigns. I also did a video about this reverse engineer content which you can watch.

I’ve also created a byte-size infographic on how to better relate to your target audience, feel free to share it if you find it to be relevant. What is your content creation process like? Did you run into writer’s block? 

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